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Bicycle Packing


We pack bikes in order to a perfect transport by plane, bus, train, etc...

Bikes are completely protected as we use bubble plastic or cardboard to wrap the frame, wheels and main parts of it, and then we place it into a cardboard box in the suitable size for your bike.

There are some parts we need to remove (pedals, saddle, etc...): to avoid any damage if they knock the frame of wheels we tie them using plastic stripes to the carrier or handlebar.

We pack bikes twelve months a year but it is easy to understand that at some dates (summer, Holy week, long weekends, etc...) it is not sure we could pack the bike the day you arrive, this is why we advise to make a reservation by e-mail to avoid being in a hurry.

- Price for packing in 2018: 21 €

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1 bike
48 €
80 €
105 €
130 €
145 €
2 bikes
47 €
75 €
100 €
125 €
135 €
3 or + bikes
46 €
70 €
95 €
120 €
135 €
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Prices including taxes.
Prices include the bike packing.
These prices are per bike at the same adress.

The insurance given by the haulage contracting company reaches a maximum amount of 200 €, only on the shipping, not damages.

All risk insurance optional:

National: 1,21 % of the value of the bicycle, with a minimum insurance of 500 €.

International: 3 % of the value of the bicycle, with a minimum insurance of 500 €.

Open Hours :
Monday to Friday: 9:30 - 13:30 and 15:30 - 20:00
Saturday: 10:00 - 14:00



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